About 400 ultra

Bikers, friends. I have had some of these years and I have already completed a few races. My journey started with MTB marathons, then continued with Xterra, then ½ Ironman and Ironman, and then ended with extreme Ironman, such as Jánošík and Winterman. It can be seen from the above that I am a person who likes to set new and higher goals. In the last years, with the addition of children and responsibilities, extreme performance had to go slowly aside, and I began to choose value-added races, where I always looked for a deeper experience in addition to sports performance. In recent years, I have slowly returned to thick tires and straight handlebars, as fairy tale, terrain and mud are where I probably feel best. However, I did not return to the MTB marathons. I found something better. Ultra and bikepacking events became my choice. At these races, I am fascinated by the connection between sports performance,will and the ability to travel many interesting places in a minimum of time. I am convinced that these races can test not only the physical but also the mental characteristics of a person. Athletic performance and long-term physical strain give the competitor the opportunity to use this apparent amount of time to think, or to turn his head away from ordinary worries, or even to meditate.

Behind the “400 ultra” race was the idea of ​​organizing a race that would be on the verge of ultra and bikepacking action. A race that would not really be easy to complete and that would be so long that the competitor would be able to run it in one go without sleep. The 400 ultra combines a considerable dose of kilometers with a good elevation gain. The bonus of the whole event is that the route is chosen so that, despite the physical strain of the competitor, there is still something to look at.

The route leads from the village of Mostek u Dvora Králové, through a beautiful region over proper hills, where you can enjoy wonderful views from the ridges of the Giant Mountains, later from the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains. The journey will then take you through the gorges of Bohemian Switzerland to take you to Hřensko, the westernmost point of this race. On the four-hundred-kilometer circuit, you will also visit the Mácha region and reach the Bohemian Paradise via Bezděz. Here on your way you will pass not only sandstone massifs, but also medieval castles and ruins. The last kilometers will then take you to my favorite Podkrkonoší, where you will reach your destination over the hills of Tábor, Kumburk and Pecka Castle and close the circuit again in the village of Mostek.

Try it, it’s definitely worth it !!!

I look forward to you.