May 17 – 19. 2024

start: Mostek – finish: Mostek


May 19 – 21. 2023

start: Mostek – finish: Mostek


All you need to know is that it will be 400 harsh kilometres over hills, meadows, trails, through woods, and across fields. The seasoned ones will ride non-stop. Yes, they really will! But those wanting to take delight in the landscape might opt for a more modest pace and spend one or two nights on the track. The route leads through the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland, Upper Palatine Forest, Mácha’s Region, Bohemian Paradise, and the Giant Mountain hügelland area.


The organizer will send the competitors in gpx format at least 5 days before the race. The competitor will record the route to the GPS device, according to which he will orient himself on the route. The route drawn by the organizer is binding. If a competitor leaves the route for any reason, he is obliged to connect to the route at the place of departure. The route will be checked using GPS trackers and the route will be checked from the competitor's navigation record.


The race is held according to the rules and regulations of the race. Each participant participates in the race at his own risk, the organizer is not liable for damages to participants caused or caused by them. The organizer reserves the right to make necessary technical changes to the schedule of the race due to unforeseen circumstances. Detailed rules HERE.

400 km

9.000 m+

60 hours

without support


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What do you need with you?

The 400 ultra is an unsupported race, so you need to survive the next 400 km. 🙂 It is the rider’s responsibility to carry this equipment:

    • Cycling helmet
    • Powerful light or headlamp
    • GPS navigation or other GPS devices
    • Mobile phone (can also serve as GPS navigation)
From my own experience, I recommend that you include at least the following:
    • Sleeping bag, mat, basic first aid kit, money, bicycle tools
    • Spare clothes, battery / power bank, raincoat
……. and then good legs and a strong will.

What will you take away from the race?

Above all, unforgettable experiences and the feeling that you have accomplished something that many cannot do and that will is often more important than physical preconditions.

In addition to an honest 400 km on foot, you can enjoy beautiful views and places that you will pass on your way. From the village of Mostek u Dvora Králové, where the start is, you will cross the entire border mountain range from the Giant Mountains to Bohemian Switzerland. You will look at the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Plains, you will ride the ruthless Hvozd, you will visit the rock gorges around the beautiful Hřensko. On the way back you will visit the Mácha region and through Bezděz you will reach the Bohemian Paradise. Here you will drive around sandstone rocks or Trosek to Podkrkonoší, where you will cross beautiful hills such as Tábor or Kumburk to your destination in the village of Mostek. Here, a chilled Krakonoš will be waiting for you as a reward.