Checkpoint on route 400 ultra

Friends, racers, adventurers.

The start of registration is slowly approaching, so I will gradually add news that you can expect this year. The first news is that there will be a full-fledged checkpoint on route 400. CP 1 will be located approximately in the middle of the route, at 232 km, in the village of Valkeřice. Here you will be taken care of above standard. The fastest competitors who fly through the place at night will have self-service here, and those who will pass in the morning and later will already have full service. You can look forward to hot food, it will be baked, and soft drinks on tap will be ready to drink. In case of winter and rain, a heated area will be prepared for drying off or a quick nap. Last but not least, there will also be a service stand and basic equipment for repairing or adjusting the bike yourself.

Best Regards Jakub.