The 1st 400 Ultra is over

Hello everyone. I would like to thank all the participants for coming and creating a beautiful starting field for the first year. Dan Polman and Milan Hanyk set a time that will be very difficult to overcome. However, I would like to thank you even more for how the event took place and what atmosphere you and your loved ones, who were often waiting for you at the finish, created. It was beautiful to welcome everyone after the finish, to exchange a few words with him and to soak up the atmosphere of the race from the point of view of the competitor, not only the organizer. In truth, I don’t know if I’m more broken from completing a similar race or from the organization. 🙂I hope you are as satisfied as I am.😉) If you liked the race, we will be happy if you talk a few words about it with friends or colleagues. I stand behind the fact that the best picture of the race is always created by the competitors themselves. We will sort the photos and publish them both here on FB and on the web. The result list can be viewed HERE

Have a nice day. I wish you many healthy miles and look forward to meeting you at a race or again in a year at the 400 Ultra.

Best Regards, Jakub.